Women Wielding the Word: Lesley Crawford


The life-giving power of God’s Word causes us to delight in opening that precious Book. We want more. But if we don’t understand what we’re reading, it can be anything but delightful.

Women Wielding The Word

Sharing stories of how God has impacted our lives encourages us and builds our faith. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

This series is meant to be an encouragement to you. I’ve asked other bloggers to share what their time with God looks like and how the Bible has impacted their lives. No two stories are the same. Every woman’s devotional life looks different.

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Lesley Crawford tells us how, even when she falters, she keeps coming back to God’s Word. She’s sharing with us today 4 practical tips that help her get into the Bible.

Mysterious Words

I think I was about seven years old when I first became excited about the Bible.  At a church children’s club I attended, we heard the story of Joseph.  It was told over several weeks, and it seemed that every installment ended on a cliffhanger.  I had never heard the story before, and I could hardly wait to find out what would happen next!

I remember going home and picking up a Bible that I’d received as a baby and trying to read it, but it was impossible.  The font was tiny and the language archaic.  I only got a few lines into it before I gave up, thinking it would have to wait until I was older.

But then one day, in the church, I began flicking through a Bible in a more modern translation.  It happened to open to the story of Joseph, and as I read the now-familiar story, I realised that I could understand most of it.  I asked for a Bible like that for Christmas that year, and I never looked back!

Diligence & Delight

Shortly after that, at the church club, we were given daily Bible reading notes with the challenge to complete them every day for three months.  Once we finished those we were supplied with more, and so began a practice that has continued through most of my life.  I’m grateful that I was encouraged in this at such an early age.

Of course there have been times when I’ve drifted – when I’ve missed days or even weeks, or when it has become something to rush through as a matter of routine, merely another item on my to-do list. 

And yet something has always drawn me back. 

I never fail to be amazed at how words written so long ago can still be so relevant to life today, or how even when I read a Bible passage I’ve read many times before, it can reveal fresh insights about who God is and how to live for Him.  It truly is living and active, and I so desperately need the truth and wisdom it contains.

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4 Things That Help Me Get Into the Bible

There are many methods I’ve tried over the years that have helped me to get into the Bible, but four things I have found particularly helpful are:

Following a plan that goes through a whole book of the Bible

Rather than plucking verses or passages at random or jumping from one book to another, I find it helpful to focus on one book at a time, to read it in context and understand the book as a whole. For the last few years, I have appreciated the reading plans at She Reads Truth.


I like to journal as I read – whether that involves jotting down the main points of the passage, journaling about how it applies to a particular situation, or writing out prayers, I find that writing slows my mind down and helps eliminate distractions.


Music has always been one of the ways I most easily learn, so I often listen to a song that ties in with what I’ve been reading in the Bible.  Not only is it helpful for reflecting on at the time, but it also remains in my head, allowing me to carry God’s truth with me into the day.


This is when I find it easiest to pray – talking with God as I walk along as if I was going for a walk and a chat with a friend.

Passing It On

I’m privileged now to be in a position where I have many opportunities to share the Bible with children, often introducing them to it for the first time, and I love to witness their reactions as they hear the stories and realise that the Bible has something to say to them.  I’m grateful to have the chance to do for others what the leaders of the church club did for me, because I know God’s Word is powerful.

I love how Paul’s words to Timothy sum it up:

“You have been taught the Holy Scriptures from childhood, and they have given you the wisdom to receive the salvation that comes by trusting in Christ Jesus.” (2 Timothy 3:15 NLT)

Meet Lesley

Lesley lives in Scotland and works for a Christian charity.  In her spare time, she enjoys music, theatre, reading, writing and walking in beautiful places, enjoying God’s creation.  She blogs at Life in the Spacious Place and writes to encourage people that, whatever their circumstances, there is always hope to be found in God.  You can also connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

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32 thoughts on “Women Wielding the Word: Lesley Crawford”

  1. I love your love for the word and the way your appetite was whetted bring me comfort. What we are doing does matter. Many times we do not hear the praise reports and we become weary in well doing. Your tips are spot on. Blessings.

  2. Lesley, your authentic love of Scripture always blesses me. I too, have found a reading plan keeps me focused on Scripture. Sometimes I go through the Bible in a year, other times, I go through books of the Bible. All of your suggestions are wonderful. Blessings!

  3. Thank you for sharing this encouragement on Bible reading. I like the idea of journaling as I read. I will have to give it a try. And I often pray as I walk too. Walking helps to get me into that meditative state needed for prayer. I enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about you too, Lesley. I didn’t know you are from Scotland!

    • Thanks, Laurie! I hope you manage to give journaling a try and that you find it helpful. It’s always fun to try new ways to help us connect with God.

  4. Lesley, I’m always blessed by your words wherever I find them, and do appreciate all the ways in which you allow the Lord to use your music and your teaching ministry for his glory.

  5. The way you describe journaling makes me want to try it. That I don’t have to pick one type of journaling and stick to it, but each page could be different sounds much more doable!

    And playing music based on the scripture at hand definitely adds layers of meaning and understanding.


  6. Love this Lesley, “I never fail to be amazed at how words written so long ago can still be so relevant to life today, or how even when I read a Bible passage I’ve read many times before, it can reveal fresh insights about who God is and how to live for Him.” Great post and love all your tips! I asked the Lord to help me not only fall in love with Him, but to fall in love with His Word.

  7. Lesley, for years now, I’ve journaled about what I’m reading. Often, I write insights I gather while reading, or questions I have about the passage I’m in. I find writing and interacting with God’s word through writing helps me internalize more of what I read. And I’m with you…I much prefer to read through an entire book rather than jump around a lot through certain passages or sections. I bet God smiles each time you say yes to talking to children about His word.

  8. Lesley, thank you for these reminders. I love your points here, especially the one about Walking—This is when I find it easiest to pray. I have run a few marathons and each time I have written 26 names down my forearm and prayed for a different person each mile. It’s been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life!

    Pinned & tweeted.

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

  9. I love the story of how you feel in love with reading the bible. I have been volunteering for VBS for a few years and volunteered at two different churches this year. Each time I go, I pray I make at least one child excited to learn more about Jesus. It is so awesome to me to read when others fell in love with Jesus as a child. I will be sure to pray 2 Timothy 3:15 for the children.

    • Thanks, Carmen! I love that you’re involved in sharing the Bible with children too and that this encouraged you! Sometimes we don’t see the impact it’s having but I’m sure God is using your faithful work, and that verse is a great one to pray!

  10. Lesley,
    We sound a lot alike! I have had a couple of very chaotic months and I haven’t been in the Word as much as I would like and I have found myself to be like the deer panting for the water. Like you, I prefer sequential reading (a whole book at a time) so that I can grasp the history and context in which the scripture is found. I love to listen to soft music when reading scripture and I journal. I LOVE going on prayer walks with my beagle. If no one’s around I will often pray out loud to God (my beagle ignores me lol). The older I’ve gotten, the more I love and need to be in God’s Word. Great post!
    Bev xx

  11. Thanks, Bev! It does sound like we connect with God in similar ways. I pray out loud too sometimes. A few times I’ve been doing it, thinking no-one is around and someone has come up unexpectedly behind me! I hope things settle down a bit for you soon. Blessings to you too! xx

  12. Dear Lesley, thank you for generously sharing your Bible journey, quiet time strategies that work for you. God’s Word is an endless reservoir just waiting for us to drink from it, bathe and be cleansed by. Your joy in immersing yourself is plain to see. Thanks and blessings on your journey and the children you take along with you.

  13. Love reading this. I am always trying to teach this same thing to my ladies. It’s so important to get that daily time in with God – amazing how life transforming it can be. Thanks for sharing these tips

  14. Finding the right translation was the key for me too. Fortunately we can explore translations online before buying a Bible! I’ve got to start doing the walking thing too. Thank you for the reminder!

    • Yes, it’s amazing the easy access we have to different translations now and it’s always goof to get a fresh take on a familiar verse by looking at a different version. Hope the walking goes well!

  15. I love seeing how you are spreading your wings and writing in other places. God is blessing your words and giving you opportunities to share with more people. You shared a couple of ways you get into the Bible that also resonates with me. Journaling and walking are two of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your love of God’s Word.


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