Women Wielding the Word: Julia Kyte


Are you intimidated by other women who seem to be so diligent and faithful in their daily time with the Lord? Do you think all those godly “superheroes” you know in real life have perfected a morning routine that includes in-depth Bible study and heartfelt prayer?

Women Wielding The Word

Sharing stories of how God has impacted our lives encourages us and builds our faith. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

This series is meant to be an encouragement to you. I’ve asked other bloggers to share what their time with God looks like and how the Bible has impacted their lives. No two stories are the same. Every woman’s devotional life looks different.

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You might be surprised to learn what the reality of daily devotions looks like for those women who seem so “spiritually advanced”. Julia Kyte shares so openly about the inconsistencies in her own devotional life while encouraging us to press on. Our efforts to commune with Jesus Christ are never in vain!

Daily Devotion In Real Life

This morning I woke up rather early to send my hubby off on a work trip up to the Chicago area suburbs. Since it was still before dawn, I lit several candles and steeped a pot of tea before beginning my daily time with the Lord. Everything was still and quiet outside as the daily hustle to work and school for the neighborhood had yet to begin. Settling down into my chair I began my daily Bible reading schedule I have been following using an app on my phone.  

Now, I would like to say that is how every day begins, but nevertheless I am afraid my quiet time is not always so picturesque. Some days the dog won’t stop barking. Other times, we have had foster kiddos or guests in our home. Working outside the home at times has added even more challenges.

No matter what distractions we may deal with in our lives, there is nothing greater than the time spent fellowshipping with our Lord Jesus Christ. Every day may look different. And our relationship may look different as the seasons in life change. However, it is important that we prioritize this important relationship.

The Value of a Faithful Mother

I really don’t remember when I first started having my own personal quiet time in God’s Word. From a very young age, I remember waking up early and almost every morning finding my mom reading God’s Word and praying. As she modeled this important practice in her own life, she taught us the value of a personal walk with God. If it wasn’t for my mom probably none of our family would have been saved. I thank the Lord for the valuable example she set.

If you are a momma, I would encourage you to teach your children the value of God’s Word in their lives, especially if they are still young. They will find delight in His Word when we demonstrate this love in our own lives.

Although, my walk with God is far from perfect and there are days that I miss my time in His Word, I am thankful that I developed this discipline at a young age. The habits we begin when we are young will often carry us through life. It is never too late, however, with the Lord’s help to implement this practice into your life. If you find yourself struggling, ask a friend or family member to hold you accountable.

It Takes Work

Last year, I made a dedicated commitment to not only read God’s Word but to study it in an even deeper and more meaningful way. This is one of the reasons I started blogging again so as to have a means of accountability. Studying God’s Word has brought about tremendous growth in my own spiritual relationship with God.

Reading God’s Word is vital to our Christian walk, but it is not just about reading a book. It is about seeking an intimate and personal relationship with the Person who loved us enough to take our sins upon Himself and to die in our place. Just like any relationship, it takes work. The more intimate relationship we desire with our Lord, the more work it is going to require. Studying God’s Word does require diligence and patience, but the reaped dividends are priceless!

Let me challenge you dear friend, to cultivate a deeper relationship with God by being faithful to read His love letter written specifically to you!

Julia Kyte

Julia Kyte resides in central Illinois with her husband, James. They are active in their local church and are training to enter full time ministry in the near future. Julia encourages woman through her blog, Committing My Way, to seek a deeper walk with Christ.

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21 thoughts on “Women Wielding the Word: Julia Kyte”

  1. Enjoyed reading this personal testimony, Julia!! It’s so wonderful that you had the example in your mother’s faithfulness to God’s word!! I know that my mom’s faithfulness was also a key part in how I never completely let go of my faith through my time of wandering. You are also so right that we can always start at anytime in developing the habit!

  2. I always love personal testimonies so thank you for sharing yours, Julia! You bring up a good point of how our devotional times with the Lord end up not only helping us but those who see us doing it and those being prayed for as well. It is good to know it isn’t just about reading a book but seeking that intimate, personal relationship with God as we study and pray. Great post!

  3. Thank you for sharing this vital truth for growing in the Lord. At 71, I must admit that I did not learn such a beautiful way when I was just a child. I am still learning and must admit that being sporadic is more like my way than consistent. Yet, I want to be with Him and grow in Him. He continues to teach me. I am getting better and loving it more and more too!! Thanks for encouraging my heart and soul this day. Never too late!!

    • It is wonderful you are seeking the Lord, Linda, even later in life! It is never too late and I am so thankful God can work in our lives no matter how old we get. Thankfully He knows and understands the frailty of our hearts even when we fail, and yet He continues to extend His grace.

  4. Love this! I am overall good about spending time in His Word and prayer each morning, yet I find that as soon as I think “I got this” things start to get in the way and I slip a bit. It does take constant intentional care. The rewards are always there and amazing. If I say I believe in God and am a Christian than I better make God a priority in my life, otherwise it’s just words. If we believe God is who He says He is, than He needs to be our priority. Great Post! Many Thanks 8)

    • I hear you! It’s so easy to pridefully think we’ve mastered something. But when it comes to digging into God’s Word, the enemy of our souls will never relent from trying to prevent us from making it a priority. We cannot stop fighting for that necessary spiritual nourishment!

    • Maintaining a daily walk is a consistent battle for the devil is ever trying to defeat us and render us unusable. We must continually relay on His power and sustaining grace!

  5. Thanks, Julie for this lovely post and the peek inside your morning routine. I am a morning person, so it comes naturally to me to have this special private time with God. However, I am well aware that it is not that simple for everyone, especially those who work outside the home and have little ones to raise. It can be very, very challenging.

    I remember as a small child watching my grandmother study her Bible, and not only in the mornings. Seems to me she studied it all day long. I remember thinking that was all she ever did! LOL I sure it wasn’t, it just seemed that way to a small child. But oh, what a blessing that memory is to me today! Thanks for these reminders.

    Thank you for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

    • Patsy, my memory of my Grandpa is similar. He read a chapter of the Bible aloud before every meal no matter who was at the table and no matter how long we had been waiting to eat. As a child, it kind of irritated me. (I just couldn’t wait to eat Grandma’s delicious food!) But now, I’m so grateful for the example he set and the seeds he planted by his faithfulness.

    • Thank you for sharing about the testimony of your grandmother! I am glad you had this example! It is funny how our some of our perceptions of things were as children. haha 🙂 What a great memory though!


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