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Sharing stories of how God has impacted our lives encourages us and builds our faith. 

This series is meant to be an encouragement to you. I’ve asked other bloggers to share what their time with God looks like and how the Bible has impacted their lives. No two stories are the same. Every woman’s devotional life looks different.

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Donna Miller shares how she discovered the treasure of God's Word and the gift of His constant presence throughout the day.

Snacking on the Daily Bread

For most of my adult life, I have juggled full time jobs with raising a family. I was raised by a narcissistic earthly father and was pretty messed up. I approached everything in my life with fear, including my marriage and my daughters. I received the Holy Spirit in August 2001, just as my marriage was about to fall apart.

At the time, I was so hungry for Jesus but didn’t have the opportunity to carve out specific time in the mornings to spend in His Word. My time to read the Scriptures was limited to the end of the day, when the house was quiet.

But I would keep the little ‘Our Daily Bread’ booklet in my pocket constantly. And when I had a few moments of downtime at work, I would ‘escape’ into a devotional and meditate on whatever Scripture was on the page. God kept meeting me where I was at and provided whatever ‘Word’ I needed at any given moment.

Not long after this, I discovered Oswald Chambers and His little book “My Utmost for His Highest” was in my purse with me wherever I went.

Discovering the Treasure of God’s Word

A few years later, a friend invited me to my very first Bible Study. It was Beth Moore’s “Jesus, the One and Only.” That was when I began to seriously dig into God’s Word like the treasure that it is.

Through all this time, Jesus’ words from John 5:39-40 were always on the back of my mind.

“You search the Scriptures because you think they give
you eternal life. But the Scriptures point to Me! Yet
you refuse to come to Me to receive this life.”
John 5:39-40

I didn’t want to dig into the Scriptures just so I could possess head knowledge about the Kingdom of God. I wanted to really get to know Jesus Himself.

Delighting in God’s Presence

God helped by bringing me across Brother Lawrence’s work. He was a monk in the early 1600’s who wrote the book “The Practice of the Presence of God.”

I began to focus on Jesus’ presence more and more during the day, talking (and listening) to Him as my closest friend. My greatest aim was to shorten those times during the day where I forgot about Him, which was often. Whenever I did this, I found I didn’t have time to worry or fret over stuff. I still practice this each day, and God has really blessed me.

I love Genesis 15:1. God Himself is our shield and our exceedingly great reward. His presence is His greatest present to us.

Three years ago I was medically retired. At first, the whole thing was against my will. I loved my job and never asked for special favors, despite the constant pain I experienced in my body. But then my hubby encouraged me to yield to God through the process. So I did.

With Jesus All Day

I am now in a place where I can spend my first moments of the day with Jesus in His Word. I also began writing at Fresh Grace For Today in August of 2017 with a friend of mine. Even though I have the blessing of morning quiet time now, God has instilled in me that it’s my relationship with His Holy Spirit throughout my day that is important to Him.

Through the years, I have loved serving in the Women’s Small Group Ministry at my church and I’ve listened to many women as they describe their time with God each day. What I gathered was that many women approach their time with God as something that needs to be compartmentalized, to be penciled in somewhere in their crazy schedule.

But God doesn’t want to just be worked into one portion of your day, sweet Sister. He wants to walk with you through your entire day as your constant friend and companion. To truly be able to ‘wield His Word’, we must posture ourselves to yield to His Word, which is Jesus Himself.

He delights in us and rewards us with Himself first and foremost, but anyone who knows Him knows that He is interested in every little detail of our lives. He is our Good Shepherd, and we will never ‘want’ for anything in this life.


Donna xo

Meet Donna


Donna loves God’s Word and is passionate to see other women fall deeply in love with her Jesus. God miraculously saved her marriage and she and hubby have two grown daughters and three grandkids they are crazy about. They reside in FL where Donna loves serving in the ladies small group ministry at their home church. She loves writing, painting, swimming, reading and taking long strolls on the beach, especially at sunset.

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