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Faith in Financial Distress

Financial difficulty can be a painful test of faith.

Have you ever fed your kids popcorn or cake for a meal because it’s all you had? Ever gone through unemployment or “lost everything”? We have.

Blessed Are The Poor

Proclaiming the faithfulness of God is one of my favorite activities. For real. I never tire of it.

In a season of incredible financial hardship, God gave us a treasure trove of Truth and built up our faith in unimaginable ways. He provided for us through real-life miracles. But more than that, He proved to us that He is true to His Word.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

When we had nothing, when we were trying everything, when all of our efforts came up short and there was nothing more we could do, we dug into God’s Word. 

He promised to provide all our needs (Philippians 4:19). He did that, but not in the ways or in the timing we expected. He did far beyond what we expected.

That season of poverty and stress was life-changing. The impact it had on our faith laid a foundation that has gotten us through countless other trials and hardships.

Be Encouraged

I want to encourage you today. Don’t give up hope.

Think On These Things

What are you choosing to think about today? Notice the word “choosing”. We can choose what we will think about.

Philippians 4:8-9 tells us exactly what kinds of thoughts we can choose to think:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

This passage is powerful to pray through. Taking time to meditate on each type of thought we are to think about is insightful. I realize just how much my thoughts are stuck in what is not good or right or worthy of praise.

But when I confess those thoughts and realign my mind to the “things above” (Colossians 3:2), I feel a weight lift off my shoulders and a peace return that I might not have known was missing.

Come join me in my prayer closet.

How the Bible Helps Me with Chronic Illness


When I say God’s Word is life and breath to me, I mean it. I mean it in a physical sense. Countless times I’ve found myself telling others, “I wouldn’t be here without God’s Word”. I honestly don’t know if I could have survived some of the seasons I’ve endured without it. 

One of those seasons was my diagnosis and intense 2-year initial recovery from chronic illness. Treatment for my condition came in the form of complete lifestyle changes – diet, sleep patterns, overall rest and exercise changes, activities I do and don’t engage in. Medication and other therapies became a permanent part of my life – feeling like a full time job at first.

Our physical bodies are affected by our emotions, our ability to handle stress, even our spiritual condition. But the opposite is also true. So, as I went through medical testing and initial treatments and life adjustments, my soul suffered, too. My mind, my emotions, my spirit needed healing along with my body.

The Bible is Good Medicine

The Bible was the key to finding freedom in the midst of my suffering. It’s the reason my chronic illness is now a gift I’m truly grateful for. Beyond the spiritual impact, God’s Word began to affect my physical healing. As my mind was renewed and my heart began to heal, my body was strengthened to do the work necessary to recover and to adapt to the life God has called me to.

Bible Reading vs. Bible Study: Which one is more important?

I think most people mistakenly believe that Bible study is better than Bible reading. We tend to feel “more spiritual” when we’re studying the Bible rather than just reading it.

Bible reading is for breadth. Bible study is for depth. We really do need both!

Knowing your Bible both “deep” and “wide” is valuable and enriching. Bible reading and Bible study are twin disciplines; they complement each other. When you only immerse yourself in one for long periods of time, you’ll miss out on some of the rewards of the other.

In this guest post, I write about:

  • What Bible reading is,
  • How to read the Bible for breadth,
  • Which translation to read,
  • How to decide what parts of the Bible to read, and
  • What Bible study is.

You’ll be surprised by how much of the Bible you can read in just 5 minutes a day!

The Joyful Life

I’m delighted to be a devotional writer for The Joyful Life Magazine. Some of my writing has been published to their social media channels. Even if you don’t use social media, you can still read the devotionals.

Completely unqualified. Inadequate. That’s me. Give me 3 seconds and I could rattle off the names of 10 people more equipped than I am for this task. ⁠⠀
These thoughts have become familiar intrusions over the last several decades. ⁠

Click here to read the rest.⠀

Traipsing through trails for two hours, my stubbornness refused to settle for any spot other than the best. My efforts were rewarded. I rounded a corner and my vision of the ideal place became reality. My sweaty self finally collapsed onto our threadbare and beloved picnic blanket.⁠⠀

As moments ticked by, I noticed a restlessness in my heart and mind. The stillness around me was exactly what I’d been waiting for. But there was no stillness on the inside.

Click here to read the rest.

Three unexpected words—spoken decades ago in a moment of turmoil and by a discerning teenager—continue to impact my life. ⁠⠀
It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad morning. Not yet 9:00 a.m. and my teenage self desperately searched for a safe place to let my feelings escape. Peeking through the doors of the school library, I glimpsed a small congregation of my friends and quickly altered course to join them. ⁠⠀
I shared my struggles, anticipating gentle pats on my shoulder, heads quietly nodding in understanding, and a reassuring hug.

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All I could think about on the way home from church was fresh fruit. It actually made me cry. I’d been feeding our kids chocolate cake for breakfast and popcorn for supper. ⁠⠀
Guilt mingled with the sense of shame that came along with unemployment and poverty. I felt guilty for my inability to provide, for my pitiful tears, for my doubt, for my weariness in the waiting. ⁠⠀
“God, Philippians 4:19 tells me that You will provide all our needs. I need food to feed my children. There are so many needs still unmet. All I can think about is fresh fruit and the lack of spontaneous fun we’ve had with the kids lately.”⁠⠀

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It was one of my worst mothering moments ever. All I wanted was some morning quiet time to read my Bible before anyone else got up. My son had ruined my attempts for months, waking up earlier and earlier each day. ⁠⠀
That morning, he had innocently crept out of his bedroom at 5:00 a.m., so sweet and smiley as always. I completely lost my patience. Roughly, I grabbed his arm and marched him back to his room, growling words of complaint and commanding him to stay there until I told him it was time to get up. ⁠⠀
Storming back to my chair, I determinedly calmed my emotions, focused on the pages of my favorite Book, and began to read…

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What you’re looking at here is a gift from God – to me. And I pray to many others.

I started writing 2 years ago after a decade of letting my passion lie dormant (through the most taxing season of motherhood). When I felt God nudging me to start again, I had no clue where it would lead or what His plan was. Frankly, I still have no clue.

EVERYDAY JOY: A Collection of 100 Devotions from The Joyful Life | Volume 1 is God’s gift to me because it’s the first time my writing has appeared in print. My first “paper publishing.” And I didn’t even know it was happening! The team at The Joyful Life put this together as a little surprise for us writers – and what a pleasant surprise it is!

I don’t receive any compensation from the sale of this book – I’m sharing it with you simply because I think it would be an encouragement to many of you. It would also make a great gift!

Click here to visit The Joyful Life Shop to order a copy.

I would love to hear from you! If you’ve been reading Wield The Word for a while, what has been your favorite post?

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