To Love The Lord My God

Sometimes this is so, so hard. Nearly impossible, actually. BUT GOD:

  • doesn’t expect me to accomplish this on my own (Zechariah 4:6).
  • equips me with everything I need to live out His call on my life (2 Peter 1:3).

I’ve always told my kids if it were easy to love everybody, everybody would be doing it! And we wouldn’t need Jesus. God’s Word tells us it’ll be our love for each other that sets us apart. (John 13:35)

It is incredible what God can do in and through a broken vessel like me. When I submit to Him, surrendering to His will and His ways, He transforms my heart. Those around me are impacted, and HE IS GLORIFIED! It’s the cry of my heart.

Lord, may I know You more so I trust You more. May I love You more so I love THEM more. May I be faithful to walk in obedience to You so that YOU are glorified in and through me. More of You, less of me.

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