Living Out God’s Word in a Difficult Marriage


Living out God’s Word in a difficult marriage is not easy. Far from it. In fact, it’s completely impossible in our own strength.

Our marriage hasn’t always been easy. There have been seasons of bliss, to be sure. But there have been seasons of excruciating difficulty.

The day after the dreaded “D word” was first mentioned between my husband and me, I found myself aimlessly driving around town. Tears streamed so thick, I had to pull off the road. “God, I don’t want a divorce. There has to be another option. Help us!”

That momentous day was almost 20 years ago and we’re still married. By the grace of God. And because of the power of His Word.

I’m sharing my story over at Messy Marriage this week. Visit Beth’s blog to read how God equipped me, directed me, and sustained me through the most trying seasons of our marriage.

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2 thoughts on “Living Out God’s Word in a Difficult Marriage”

  1. I’m so happy to have you featured over at my place, Jana! Your experience is one that I and many others can relate to. But what I truly love is how you’ve blended both your personal truth and vulnerability with the power and truth of God’s word. This is how God designed it to be and inspires us all to follow your lead!


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