How to Pray God’s Word Over Your Marriage

Jana Carlson

Jana Carlson

Learning how to pray God's Word for our marriage transformed my life. The power of praying Scripture is the key to victory in the battle for your marriage.

Marriage is hard. Even healthy Christian marriages take work and go through difficulties. Ours is no exception.

Learning how to pray God’s Word over our marriage changed my life. I honestly don’t know if our marriage could have survived without the Bible. But by God’s grace, Lee and I will celebrate 22 years of marriage in 2020!

The Key to Victory in the Difficulties of Marriage

Life’s circumstances can seriously strain our marriages. Extended family dynamics, financial difficulty, parenting, health conditions, trauma, moving to a new home, ministry… There are endless situations and factors that can impact our marriages in challenging ways.

Stress at any level of intensity can makes us feel as though our marriage is a battle. In truth, it is! The battle for your marriage is ultimately a spiritual battle.

Your real enemy is not your husband; it’s Satan, the enemy of our souls.

Ephesians 6:11-17 tells us about the armor of God and the strategy for winning the spiritual war. Effectively accomplishing this strategy happens using the one weapon God equipped us with – the sword of the Spirit, His Word, the Bible.

We must read it, meditate on it, and pray it.

Praying Effectively for Your Marriage

Before I learned how to pray Scripture for my marriage, my prayers were more like a wish list for my dream husband. They were largely motivated by a desire for a more comfortable existence—one that catered to my wants and made life easier by changing my husband’s mind or character.

Our marriage improved dramatically when I began to pray Scripture.

By God’s grace and the power of His Word, I became a better wife which naturally led to a better marriage. My heart and mind were transformed and my actions followed.

Praying Scripture over your marriage will:

●   Help you discern the truth about marriage, who you are, and who God is
●   Renew your mind
●   Transform your heart
●   Strengthen you and equip you to endure the inevitable storms in marriage, and
●   Help you to pray prayers that are in alignment with the will of God

Using Scripture as a Framework for Prayer

Does the idea of praying Scripture seem like a mystery to you? Are you lost, not knowing how to begin? Maybe listening in on someone else praying Scripture would give you a better idea of how to go about it?

Living By Design Ministries has graciously featured my story on their blog. There, I share in greater detail how praying Scripture transformed my marriage. You’ll read more about how praying God’s Word helps us find victory in the battle for marriage. And you’ll discover my 3 favorite passages to pray for our marriage – probably not all verses you’d expect!

We’ve also created a FREE printable just for you to encourage you in praying Scripture for your marriage. I’ve shared word-for-word some of the prayers I pray for my own marriage to encourage you as you learn this powerful practice.

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