Friday Favorites | 10.25.2019

The Friday Favorites feature has been an experiment. If you enjoy these posts, please leave a comment so I know it’s worth keeping up. I’d really appreciate it!

Here’s a collection of links and music I loved lately.

5 Ways to Read More of the Bible

All 5 of these suggestions are issues I’ve wrestled with at one point or another. Waiting for perfection; the legalistic mindset (missing out on the joy of relationship); resistance to using technology; trying to master every word, phrase, principle, and passage; and isolationism… what joy awaits us when we open our hearts and receive grace when it comes to Bible reading!

The Strength of Silence

“When I stop fighting to understand everything, to do everything, and to be everything that I think I need to understand, be, and do, then I can quietly, restfully, and silently rely on God’s strength. When I stop trying to fight for myself, I can find rest by entering into the refuge that is God Himself. Being still and silent is often even harder than being busy doing things, but I have found that God reveals Himself to the soul that simply waits for Him in silence.”

God Is Doing Small Things Through Me

This one is particularly applicable to fellow Christian bloggers. Laura Lundgren shares her thoughts about the typical idea of success and platform in this arena. Her perspective mirrors my own of late and I’m greatly encouraged by it.

2 Key Ways to Breakthrough to Hope in Your Marriage and in Life

Any post from Beth Steffaniak at Messy Marriage is full of practical, easy-to-understand tips with real-life examples. She doesn’t shy away from the reality of the hard – even embarrassing – moments in her own marriage. But in this particular post, what I absolutely love is how she gives a specific example from her own life of how she applies God’s Word to her marriage, even when the passage isn’t actually about marriage directly. This is a great example of what it looks like to “live out” God’s Word.

On My Playlist

I guess this edition of Friday Favorites is a “Worship Version”. I spent an evening exploring and discovered some new-to-me music and rediscovering older favorites.

Establish the Work of Our Hands by Porter’s Gate

Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me by CityAlight

Only a Holy God by CityAlight

I’d Rather Have Jesus by Jill Phillips

Hosanna in the Highest by Greg LaFollette

Psalm 27 (I Will See Your Goodness) by Greg LaFollette

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