Friday Favorites | 10.11.2019

I read a lot – other blogs, articles, research, books, ingredients lists on food in the grocery store. Here’s a collection of what I loved lately.

How to Read the Bible in a Way That Will Change Your Life

Deb Wolf’s blog is a favorite of mine. Her heart for God’s Word mirrors my own and each post is jam-packed full of Scripture. In this post, she shares how her love of the Bible came to be and why she trusts God’s Word.

How to Jumpstart Your Bible Study Routine {Even When You Don’t “Feel” Like It}

There are so many fabulous quotes in this article. As much as I love God’s Word and as much as I encourage you all to dig into it, I, too, go through seasons of dryness in my Bible immersion. I found this post exceptionally encouraging.

Sister, Read Your Bible

Megan Dickerson shares her journey of struggling to read and understand the Bible to delighting in it and growing in her understanding. Her analogy of investing in a savings account is very helpful!

How to Read the Bible When You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

I remember well the days of forcing myself to get out of bed every morning to care for our little ones. There were months at a time where I felt like I was in robot mode, my mind made of mush. These days, I experience insomnia periodically for different reasons, but I can still relate the effort required to focus on reading my Bible.

Rhythms of Remembering

Glenna Marshall – definitely one of my favorite bloggers, hands down – writes this encouragement about remembering God’s faithfulness. I was particularly blessed by her reflection on spending time in God’s Word in the mornings and realizing how many brothers and sisters in Christ are doing the same thing at the same time. What a pleasant thought!

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