Friday Favorites | 09.13.2019

This month, I’m starting a new feature on the blog – Friday Favorites. I read a lot – other blogs, articles, research, books, ingredients lists on food in the grocery store. Here’s what I loved this week.

Make Me A Woman of Your Word

This post made me want to jump up and shout from the rooftops, “YES!!!!!!” The author, Rachel Jankovic is involved in a Bible reading ministry that might be just what you’re looking for.

How to Be a Student of the Word

Have you ever considered that, in the time of Jesus, women were not permitted to go to school to learn under the rabbis? Jesus changed things! He welcomed women to become students of God’s Word. Jennifer H. Yates tells us how we can become more faithful disciples of Christ.

You Can Trust God When Suffering Settles In

We naturally want relief from our suffering as quickly as possible. But sometimes our suffering lasts a long time. Erin Davis shares 4 promises we can cling to in difficult times like this.

5 Biblical Encouragement for Depressed Believers

Depression is real, even for Christians. I’m grateful for ministries that don’t shy away from this difficult issue. Instead, they address it by pointing us to truth in God’s Word that can breathe life into dark and dry souls.

On My Playlist

I’ve had these songs on repeat lately.

Shepherd by CityAlight

A Better Word by Bethany Barnard

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