Faith In Financial Distress

Jana Carlson

Jana Carlson

How can we hold onto faith in severe financial difficulty? How does God provide? What are the true riches to be found in Christ? Read my story.

Financial difficulty can be a painful test of faith.

Have you ever fed your kids popcorn or cake for a meal because it’s all you had? Ever gone through unemployment or “lost everything”? We have.

Blessed Are The Poor

Proclaiming the faithfulness of God is one of my favorite activities. For real. I never tire of it.

In a season of incredible financial hardship, God gave us a treasure trove of Truth and built up our faith in unimaginable ways. He provided for us through real-life miracles. But more than that, He proved to us that He is true to His Word.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

When we had nothing, when we were trying everything, when all of our efforts came up short and there was nothing more we could do, we dug into God’s Word.

He promised to provide all our needs (Philippians 4:19). He did that, but not in the ways or in the timing we expected. He did far beyond what we expected.

That season of poverty and stress was life-changing. The impact it had on our faith laid a foundation that has gotten us through countless other trials and hardships.

Be Encouraged

I want to encourage you today. Don’t give up hope.

Read the rest of my story over at Flourishing Today.

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