Christian Writers on Christian Writing

This is a “living” page of articles by Christian writers about Christian writing, updated as I come across worthy additions. It’s my own personal collection of articles by Christian writers I deeply respect and admire. Topics include Christian blogging, platform-building (a constant point of tension for Christian writers), and general encouragement, tips, and advice for Christian writers.

Table of Contents

Advice & Tips for Christian Writers

Tim Keller on Writing and Ministry | Josh Blount

In this interview, Tim Keller touches on pursuing publication, pride and platform, and practices to develop your skill as a writer.

Has God Called Me to Write? | John Piper

It’s a common question, and John Piper provides insight into how to know if God is calling you to write.

J. I. Packer’s Advice to Aspiring Writers | Tony Reinke

J. I. Packer offers three excellent exhortations for budding writers of Christian nonfiction.

How to Write More Gooder | Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung finds books on writing lack a little something. Here, he shares a few simple practices that help him write better.

The Life-Long Process of Mastering Your Writing Skills | Randy Alcorn

Randy Alcorn gives Christian writers five key pieces of advice, from the practical to the spiritual.

Christian Blogging

How to Get Started With Blogging | Tim Challies

A simple, practical how-to post. If you’re overwhelmed by all the instruction out there, maybe this post will clarify things and get you refocused on what matters most. 

Random, Granular Tips for Christian Bloggers | Tim Challies

One of the most popular Christian bloggers of all time, Tim Challies offers helpful tips based on his own experience. 

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Blogging (or Why You Should Consider Starting) | Tim Challies

Tim Challies gives us 7 good reasons to blog as Christian writers. It’s an encouragement to keep plodding for the benefit of the Body of Christ.

Is There Still a Place for Blogs? | Tim Challies

Tim Challies believes there is a present and a future for blogs. He gives us 4 reasons why.  

Why Christian Blogs Aren’t What They Used to Be | Tim Challies

Tim Challies gives 4 reasons why Christian blogs are not what they used to be. This is helpful to reflect on if you’re thinking about starting a blog.

Nobody Respects a Blogger | Tim Challies

A reflection on the perception people have of bloggers, and Tim’s perspective about his own blogging.

Why I started blogging. Why I stopped. And why I started again. | Chris Thomas

Chris’s personal post is inspiring for seasoned and aspiring bloggers alike. 

Toward Simpler Blogging | Camden McAfee

Acknowledging the common struggle of getting caught up in the technicalities and “extras” of blogging with encouragement to keep it simple.

The Humility of Blogging for Yourself and How it Serves Your Readers | Abigail Dodds

This is an absolutely vital part of good Christian blogging—the importance of writing about the “things that have gone through the Refiner’s fire”. A favorite post of mine on the topic of Christian blogging.

Blogging as a Local Ministry | James Williams

I appreciate James Williams’s perspective here. The fact that a topic has been covered by a more accomplished writer or a bigger blog doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about it. I love his reason why.

Tim Challies and the Evolution of the Blogosphere | Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax chimes in on blogging in general and focuses primarily on personal blogs compared to ministry blogs. An interesting look at the benefits of traditional personal blogs.

Finding Your Voice as a Christian Blogger | Bob Kellemen

Bob Kellemen talks about 3 different kinds of blogging and suggests Christian bloggers consider their voice and audience.

Why I Publish on Ministry Blogs | Kristin Wetherell

A helpful look at the benefits of blogging for ministry blogs instead of just your personal blog. Some crucial points to consider here.

General Encouragement for Christian Writers

Writing as a Ministry | Glenna Marshall

Glenna Marshall shares about her own journey in writing and why she believes writing is her ministry. “The world needs Christians to use their skills with integrity and excellence so that when we speak of Christ, they see that every corner of our lives has been transformed by the Gospel.

Why Write? What’s Success? And Surviving the Writing Roller Coaster | Jen Oshman

“My hope is that any reader of this post will be spurred—to keep writing, to keep studying, to keep working, to keep ministering, to keep serving, to keep plodding—to keep doing whatever it is you feel God has asked you to do, even if it feels silly or scary or unnoticed.”

First Draft | Trillia Newbell

Trillia shares why she doesn’t write for her own blog as frequently as some and reflects on some common, relatable desires and fears of Christian writers.

Growing in Confidence as a Christian Writer | Kate Motaung & Quantrilla Ard

Quantrilla Ard shares wisdom and encouragement for Christian writers who lack confidence in your calling, your work as a writer, or the gifts God has given you.

You Don’t have to Write Devotionals | Barbara Lee Harper

Barbara Lee Harper shares how different writing styles have ministered to her even though they’re not overt Bible lessons. She suggests there are many ways to share the gospel through writing.

On Platform-Building & Promotion

Writing for His Glory | Lesley Crawford

A completely relatable reflection on the tension between the Christian’s call to humility and the call to let your light shine.

The Tension of Platform-Building as a Christian | Kate Motaung & Shannon Popkin

This interview addresses the tension many Christian writers feel about platform-building, Scripture passages to help honor God as you build your platform, dangers to guard against, and more.

How to Use Your Platform to Serve Others | Kate Motaung & Susie Finkbeiner

In this interview, Susie shares how her perspective on platform-building shifted and offers encouragement and practical ways to serve others through your online platform.

Asking the Hard Questions | Kate Motaung & Adriel Booker

A discussion about the temptation to make your own image an idol while building your brand, and the danger of the sometimes-subtle presence of pride in the heart of a Christian writer. 

Should Christian Writers Strategize or Just Trust God? | Kate Motaung & Asheritah Ciuciu

Is it right and biblical for Christian writers and speakers to strategize and take advantage of resources to grow a bigger following, increase website traffic, and make money? Or should we just “let go and let God”?