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Women Wielding the Word: Chelsea Stanley

It’s easy to get discouraged when our time with God looks so far from the “Instagram-worthy” vignettes we imagine for ourselves. What to do when time is short?

Women Wielding the Word Jen Oshman

Wielding the Word With Jen Oshman

How do we practically go beyond reading words on a page in the Bible? How do we get God’s Word into us in a way that changes who we are and how we live?

Women Wielding the Word Patsy Burnette

Women Wielding the Word: Patsy Burnette

We become like those we spend time with. Patsy Burnette wants to become more like Jesus and she’s pursuing her goal by spending time with Him. Here’s how.


Women Wielding the Word: Lesley Crawford

Lesley Crawford tells us how, even when she falters, she keeps coming back to God’s Word. She’s sharing with us today 4 practical tips that help her get into the Bible.


Women Wielding The Word | Maree Dee

Hands down, the most important relationship in my life is with God. However, when we don’t actively take steps to draw closer, we end up growing apart.

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