We Don’t Live On Explanations

YES! I don’t always understand what God is doing, or why. But I don’t need to understand. I know what His Word says and I can trust Him to keep all His promises! What promise are you living on today?

If A Man Could Travel So Fast

Keep your eyes on Jesus! I want to shout it from the rooftops. With eyes fixed on Him, seeking Him, drawing nearer to Him… It’s the only way to truly live. Abide in His shadow and you’ll always be in the light! How incredible is that?!

The Weaker I Am

I love this! I really began to learn this in 2014 when I became sick enough to end up on bed rest for a month and a half. But it applies to every area of my life! Recognizing my weakness and relying on His strength is the way to go. It: is more restful (less …

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Do Not Look To Your Hope

I’ve caught myself idolizing what I’m hoping for at times. It’s easy to do, especially when what is hoped for is a Biblical ideal. Two common examples: Wives hope for solid marriages and godly husbands to lead their homes. Mothers hope for children who are submitted to Christ and walking in obedience to Him. There …

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Christ in Me

I’m learning to seek God’s glory more than my own comfort. It’s more painful. It’s a lot harder. But it’s SO much more fulfilling and rewarding. Trusting in His sovereignty makes this possible for me. I don’t do it perfectly. I’ll be learning it till His return. But it’s a lesson that strengthens me and …

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Light In The Dark – Chuck Smith

“Don’t give up what you know in the light when you don’t understand what’s in the dark.” (Chuck Smith) When you’re confused or needing answers or full of uncertainty… when you feel lost… when you’ve been blindsided by an unexpected wave in the storm… remember what you knew for certain when life was going smoothly. …

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