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The Blinding Ugliness of My Own Sin

As a follow-up to the last post in the Endurance series, I’ve been feeling like I need to take the time to go down a little bit of a “rabbit trail” to focus just a little bit more on the topic of sin. More specifically, what do we do when we’re faced with the reality …

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There’s No Giant Too Big…

  “It’s the size of your God, not the size of your giants that counts.” Read Numbers 13-14 today. Who’s “reports” are you listening to? Turn to God’s Word and be reminded of how big our God is!

Sunshine and Showers – Anna Stoltzfus

All sunshine makes a desert But rain brings fruit and flowers. So if our lives will blossom, We need our share of showers. – Samuel (Anna) Stoltzfus of Jersey Shore, PA – (From a cookbook in my kitchen)