"...wherever the gospel is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her." - Mark 14:9
Jana Carlson

Jana Carlson

Jana Carlson

Jana Carlson

Do you ever feel awkward as you worship? During the COVID lockdown, I felt awkward singing along with the worship leader from my living room in front of my family. I felt vulnerable.

It must’ve been awkward when the woman—known by all as a sinner, most likely a prostitute—came into the home of Simon—a religious leader—and worshipped Jesus so extravagantly.

She cried enough tears to wash His feet. She had her hair down, which was considered inappropriate in public, and she anointed His feet with expensive perfume. She gave Him her all. She worshipped Him with abandon.

Because of her courageous worship, we read about her today, thousands of years later. Jesus honored her for it.

I’m challenged by her. It was humility that enabled her to worship wholeheartedly. She recognized how sinful she was, how much she’d been forgiven. Because of the magnitude of her sin, Jesus’s love for her was worthy of any cost and all the risks she took.

So a key to worshipping Jesus deeply is admitting my own depravity and recognizing what it cost Him to enable me to worship Him directly. That’s a big point to ponder as we anticipate Easter!

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