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It’s interesting to me to see which Wield The Word posts have resonated most with my readers. I thought you might enjoy taking a look at them, too. If you’re new here, this might be a good place to start!

#1 Top Post of All Time

My dear friend Lee-Ann vulnerably shared her store of abortion and the hope and healing she found through Jesus Christ. This post, published in January 2019, has received double the visitors of any other post on this blog. That tells me it’s a subject that needs talking about. There are more women affected by abortion and longing for hope and healing than we realized – even in the Church. (Click the image to read Hope & Healing After Abortion.)

Hope & Healing After Abortion

Top 10 Posts of All Time

After the #1 Top Post, here are the top 10 Wield The Word posts of all time.


4 quick tips for faithful journaling & how journaling feeds spiritual growth. Click here to read Journaling for the Glory of God.

Writing For God's Glory

Is it possible to pursue a public platform in a way that glorifies God instead of myself? Should a Christian seek to increase her influence? Click here to read Writing for God’s Glory.

3 Scriptures I Pray For My Family

How can we pray for our families and know beyond doubt that we’re praying God’s will? The answer is simple: pray Scripture. Click here to read 3 Scriptures I Pray for My Family.

what if i don't feel like reading the bible

It’s hard to read the Bible when you find it boring or hard to understand. Learning to love God’s Word is possible! Click here to read What If I Don’t Feel Like Reading the Bible?


Choosing contentment isn’t natural. It takes practice. And it’s found not in things or circumstances, but in a Person. Click here to read Choosing Contentment.

Becoming A Doer of God’s Word: Knowledge of the Bible is not necessarily an expression of love for God. We are called to more than that. What does it look to become a doer of the Word?

A Prayer for Victory: Praying Through Psalm 20: The context of Psalm 20 is that the Davidic king is going out to battle. It is a prayer for his success – for protection, help, and God’s support. As Christians, our lives are a continual spiritual battle. This psalm can be our pattern of a prayer for victory in our own personal battles.

20 Exciting Reasons to Read the Bible: If the Bible seems boring to you, or if you lack motivation to read it, it’s time to take a look at what God’s Word says about itself.

How to Build Meaningful Relationships: We were created for relationship. Here are 5 practical ways to build meaningful relationships.

You Can’t Live a Victorious Christian Life Alone: We were designed to need each other. Overcome the risks of relationship and enjoy the rewards!

All Time Top Guest Posts

The Women Wielding the Word series has been a surprising endeavor. It began as a a spontaneous idea in the fall of 2017 and turned into the highlight of my blog year in 2018. The Women Wielding the Word home page is the 7th most-viewed page on the entire site, and each guest post has proven to resonate with women in varying stages of life.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with every woman who graciously shared her story for this series. Their commitment to God’s Word is an incredible gift and blessing.

The top 3 guest posts on this blog (besides the top post of all time – Hope & Healing after abortion) are all from the Women Wielding the Word series.


Our pursuit of God should not feel like an obligation or burden. It varies with the seasons and stages of life. Beth Steffaniak shares what hers looks like. Click here to read Beth’s story.

Women Wielding the Word Jen Oshman

How do we practically go beyond reading words on a page in the Bible? How do we get God’s Word into us in a way that changes who we are and how we live? Click here to read Jen’s story.

For Deb Wolf, the Bible went from textbook to love letter at a time of helplessness, overwhelm, and heartbreak. Click here to read Deb’s story.

Thank you for reading at Wield the Word. Thank you for taking the time to leave comments, send me messages, and share the posts with others. And thank you, most importantly, for praying for me and the guests who write in this space!

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