5 FREE Resources To Enrich Your Personal Bible Study

If you’ve spent any time here at Wield The Word, you’ve probably figured out that I absolutely love reading and studying the Bible.

It hasn’t always been that way. While I was dedicated to reading God’s Word even as a child, my attitude was often more “have to” than “get to”.

The more I learned about studying the Bible, and the more I put into practice what I learned, the more I enjoyed it. My appetite for God’s Word increased because it was alive, affecting my heart, impacting my life.

The list of resources that have helped me on my journey to dig deeper into God’s Word is long! I will share with you a mishmash collection of only 5 in this post.

Learn To Study Inductively

The first time I began to realize that I could actually study the Bible for myself even though I’m not a scholar was when I watched Kay Arthur’s Precepts for Life program. I was immediately addicted and watched her show daily for a couple of years.


The Wield The Word Reference Guide was designed to be tucked inside your Bible. It includes:

  • Bible reading suggestions
  • Simple study tips
  • Prayer suggestions
  • A basic habit tracker to monitor your consistency in spending time in God’s Word

Don Whitney teaches on Scripture meditation. This handy reference guide outlines his teaching and gives us helpful questions, prompts, and instruction to enrich our study of God’s Word.

Christa Threlfall wrote a great post on two basic types of Bible study. She articulates it simply and succinctly and encourages me in digging both wide and deep.

Video Series

I’ve grown tremendously in my walk with Christ through the ministry of Revive Our Hearts. There are many resources available through their site, but I’ll emphasize the “Approved” Bible Study with Carrie Gaul.

In a season of needing to be walked through Scripture, I committed to watching one video a week for 5 weeks with a friend. We shared our notes and thoughts with each other every week. It was something different and a great blessing.

I cannot recommend this series highly enough. Whether you’re a new believer in Christ, or a well-seasoned follower of Him, this is a message we all need to be reminded of. Carrie does this in a delightfully gentle, yet engaging and powerful way!

From their own summary of the series:

Deep in your heart, do you ever find yourself asking questions like this: Am I good enough? Do I have what it takes? What do people think of me? … Find freedom from the craving for approval of others.

There’s More!

There are countless other free resources available to us that can enrich our time in God’s Word. I would love to add to this list.

PLEASE do share in the comments if you have other free suggestions.

(Ideas might be online Bible studies, Facebook groups, study resources, commentaries, teaching videos, workshops, etc.)

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5 Free Resources To Enrich Your Personal Bible Study

18 thoughts on “5 FREE Resources To Enrich Your Personal Bible Study”

  1. I’m learning to study my Bible in simple ways that I can put into practice. It’s tempting to think I can do all these complex things, but for me starting small and realistically has really helped!

    • Attempting to follow what works for someone else can be so discouraging. We all have different learning styles and lifestyles and it’s just not a one-size-fits-all thing. I’m so glad you’ve found something that works for you!

    • Nicki, your comment just thrills me. YES! I have a “passion for igniting a fire in women’s souls to get into God’s Word”! I love how you put that. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • Ashley, that’s a good question! I think the word “study” in general has become something our society resists. It implies work. 🙂 My heart’s desire is for women to experience the joy and delight that comes from digging into God’s Word rather than seeing it as a chore or obligation.

  2. Your story resonates with me. I used to read the Word sporadically and only out of duty. Then I began praying for a passion for God and His Word in addition to waking before my 3 young children for time with God. Boy did He ever answer my prayer and change my life!

    I would add reading the chronological Bible as a resource. I love the historical order of the books because it makes it easier to understand. For instance David’s psalms are next to the context of the story with which it relates.

    Also Biblegateway.com and blueletterbible.com are great resources.

    Great post and thanks for giving us great tools!

    • Excellent recommendations, Gretchen! I have enjoyed reading the Bible chronologically, as well. And Bible Gateway and Blue Letter Bible are almost daily visits for me. Valuable tools, to be sure!

  3. Learning to study, more than just reading over the words is so vital. Thanks for sharing these resources!
    I started doing themed scripture writings to soak up lessons on one word or theme at a time. I share these over on my blog too. They are a great way to ease into a deep study without even realizing that’s what you’re doing. Ha!

    Inductive study is nothing more than studying the way God wrote the Bible – by comparing truth to truth, seeing examples, and making logical inferences. We have examples of all being done in scripture, We just don’t realize it until we start to peel away the layers. The Bible was written for every man – not the “educated” – we just need to dig in with confidence.

    • Yes, Angela, the Bible was written for everyone! Too many are intimidated and don’t believe they have the ability to glean the treasures therein. Thank you for sharing some of your favorite ways of digging into God’s Word! Writing Scripture slows me down and helps me to really think about each word, which is so helpful.

  4. I agree. Revive Our Hearts is a wonderful resource. Going through Bible study materials has become a constant for me for several years. I do miss the weekly videos if I have to miss that part, but Lifeway has been giving links for the videos when you buy the book. So, problem solved! I live out in the boonies, so getting to Bible study group meetings is very hard. As they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Thanks for your inspiration and further ideas for deeper study!

    • The internet is a blessing in that regard, for sure. There was a season of several years when I felt quite isolated where we were living, too. I was so grateful for online studies and videos! Thanks for your input, Kim!

    • Yes, the video with a friend was a new experience for me, but it worked so perfectly because of our different schedules. We could watch when it was convenient for us, and email our response whenever it worked. It was nice to “discuss” it together in that way without feeling pressured to add yet another event to a full calendar.


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